April 23, 2024

Uganda Car Rental Booking

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Top Rental Cars For Long Term Hire In Uganda

Are you interested in renting a car in Uganda on a long-term basis? Uganda Car Rental Booking is the best car hire company to book with. Uganda is not only the most popular safari destination for tourists in Africa but also a well-known investment center that has attracted a variety of business setup projects in towns and wildlife reserves.

Investments and research companies that need to rent a car for long-term projects so as to enjoy that private and comfortable road trip during the period. Here at Uganda car rental booking we offer a wide range of rental cars such as sedans, minivans, buses, luxury cars among other types that can fit your desire. Whether you require a car for one month or more, we can arrange a contract for you at discount rates and offer you the best services where by our rates cover government taxes, insurance and to of it all off based on unlimited mileage.

Looking for affordable long term car rental in Uganda, we present to you 4 of the best cars ideal for self drive as well as guided road trips for weeks, months or years.


The coaster bus is a mid-sized passenger fleet licensed to carry 30 people including the driver. The bus features a high roof and well-spaced seats giving you all the comfort that you need on the road trip. You can put your light luggage in the roof rack while the heavy cargo goes on the side cargo holder. If you are planning an airport transfer for your group then the coaster bus is the ideal vehicle for the jobs.


 The super custom van is a high-capacity van with the potential to hold up to 7 people. It comes with lots of advantage keys among the is the good fuel economy, comfort and a simple layout. The van is ideal for upcountry travels because of its high ground clearance and a hard body not forgetting the large interior and the seats that face each other which gives the passengers an opportunity to interact along the journey.


The safari land cruiser is a four-wheel drive car customized for safaris and camping tours plus project travels. Uniquely designed with a pop-up roof and some come with roof top mounted tenets, the car can accommodate about 8 people and has enough cargo space plus adequate leg room making it suitable for family trips, camping and long-term project travels.


Find a luxurious interior made with comfort when you hire a land cruiser Prado for the long-term project. A true all-rounder, the vehicle provides the styling and comfort that you expect from a top-of-the-range car, whilst also answering the demands of the toughest off -road terrains. Many people find this car a perfect combination for urban usage and off-road leadership.

If you are planning to rent a car in Uganda for a long-term period then you should consider hiring the above cars. Here at Uganda car rental booking we shall be more than happy to offer our services. Simply send your inquiry to info@ugandacarrentalbooking.com or call us on +256779223461 and speak to the reservations team.