Top 5 Most Popular Car Types For Hire in Uganda

A vehicle is a machine that transports people and cargo from one destination to another by air, water or ground. Vehicle term covers a wide range of machines including motor vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, ships, boats to airplanes and helicopters among others. There are an estimated 1.4 billion cars on the roads worldwide of different types and models used for private and commercial purposes hence getting one that fits your budget is not that hard but difficult if you don’t understand the type that suits your personal interests.

Uganda Car Rental Booking offers a wide range of rental cars in Uganda categorized into different types and distinguished by their inside and outside features (body style, width & height, number of doors ). There are up 10 vehicle car types in Uganda but we have singled out 5 of the most popular ones based on client reviews as well as affordability on the car sale and rental markets in Uganda.

  1. 4×4 Safari Cars – Number one on the list of top car types in Uganda are the four-wheel drive safari cars built to handle all types of terrain. The safari cars are perfect for overland trips to the parks and remote villages and some have special features like a pop-roof, roof-top tent and cooler box. Some of the most popular 4×4 cars for hire in Uganda include the safari land cruiser, safari van, Rav4 and land cruiser Prado models.
  2. Saloon cars – Also known as sedans, these 3-box body configured car types are among the cheapest cars for hire in Uganda ideal for business trips, airport transfers and leisure holidays within the city and surburbs. Popular saloon cars in Uganda include the Premio, Vitz, Corolla, Corona among others.
  3. Minivans – Another popular Uganda car type is the minivan, a passenger-carrying vehicle with 2 to 3 seat rows perfect for families and small groups planning to explore the cities, parks and remote destinations. The pop-up roof safari minivan is one of the most booked vans for safaris and research while the super custom van and Alphard are used mainly in the city for business trips.
  4. Minibuses – If you are planning a group road trip for 20 to 30 people and require a strong 4×4 vehicle that can fit all of you comfortably, then look no further than the minibuses. GTghe Mitsubishi & Rosa buses are the most popular in Uganda booked for safaris, airport transfers, project staff transportation and weddings among other occasions.
  5. SUVs – Sports utility vehicles are also another popular car type in Uganda majorly used within the cities and less often taken on long-distance road trips to villages. The SUV is the ideal car to rent in Uganda if you are on a business trip, require a VIP airport transfer, searching for a wedding car among other executive services.

Uganda Car Rental Booking can get you any of the above car types for self drive or driver-guided road trips at cheap rates. You can contact us today by sending an email to or call us now +256-700135510 to speak with our reservations team.

Top 6 Amazing Places To Visit When You Self Drive Uganda

Uganda has been ranked among the top safari destinations in Africa for over 15 years and there is no denying tourism sector is still growing even with the latest COVID pandemic, a destination blessed with an abundance of attractions that range from landscapes and water bodies to unique wildlife and diverse cultures. Many of these attractions are situated in remote destinations and the best way to get there is by hiring a private car for self-drive in Uganda. You need a 4×4 car that can handle the rough terrain muddy and steep slopes. Uganda no wonder the Pearl of Africa has got many astonishing and eye-catching places that one can visit while on a self-drive but we write this article to the outline of the six places that you can’t miss visiting.


The capital of Uganda is the busiest and vibrant destination in the Pearl of Africa blessed with a number of tourist attractions and leisure spots. The hills covered with red-tile villas and tress surround the urban center of contemporary skyscrapers give a worthwhile sight. Cultural sites depict the rich history of the Buganda kingdom while the restaurants, shopping malls and nightclubs also give you an insight of what the city life is like. Kampala city has always been used as a base for exploring other areas and driving yourself around the city is very easy even without a GPS. Getting to the capital of Uganda is about 50 minutes of drive using the Entebbe Kampala highway.


Dubbed the adventure capital of East Africa and home to the source of the Nile, Jinja has always been the best place for leisure since tourists and adventure seekers flooded with numerous and exciting tourist activities top of the list being the grade 5 white water rafting adventure which offers tourists a chance to explore the Nile on an open raft. Other exciting activities to do in Jinja include Bungee jumping, horseback riding, quad biking, sundowner cruises, golfing, source of the Nile boat ride, tubing, boat tours to mention but a few all available at a laughable price. A self drive trip to Jinja city is a 30 to 40-minute ride from Kampala using the Nabweru road.


The home of the infamous endangered mountain gorillas is another popular place for self-drive safaris in Uganda. It might be located at the corner of southwestern Uganda but you will enjoy every bit of the long drive to the park passing through numerous towns. Expect enroute stopovers in different towns for pictures and a chance to interact with the locals. There are plenty of nice eco-friendly lodges and guest houses offering cheap accommodation so you can be assured you can’t fail to get where to sleep as you prepare for your gorilla trekking safari in one of Africa’s most ancient forests. The self-drive trip lasts for about 7 to 8 hours from Kampala city using Mbarara road.


Another exciting detsintaion to visit when you self drive Uganda is the Murchison afllas park; Uganda’s largest and ioldest game reserve. Do you want to get the real feel of Uganda’s wildlife? Then a self-drive to Murchison falls national park is all you need. Uganda’s oldest and most visited park is home to 76 mammal species and record 451 bird species with most sought after species being the big five which include the lions, cape buffalos, elephants, leopard and rhinos which you can visit at the Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary enroute to the park. Enjoy game drives, boat cruises, bird watching, primate tracking, cultural encounters as well as the ballon tours when in the park. A self-drive trip to Murchison falls national park from Kampala city lasts about 4 to 5 hours using the Masindi road.


Uganda was home to both the black and the southern white rhinos until the political instabilities whereby so many were hunted and killed for their horns. They can only be found at Uganda wildlife conservation education center and Ziwa Rhino sanctuary.

Anyone who considers encounting the big five in Uganda should make a stop at Ziwa rhino sanctuary to encounter the only remaining rhinos in Uganda. With a stop at the Ziwa rhino sanctuary, you will be able to make a complete of your big six self-drive adventure in Uganda because it will provide interesting opportunities to experience nature at its best and take photos.

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Why Hire A Car For Airport Transfer In Uganda

When coming from another country, it is always better to hire a car for airport transfer to pick you up and also drop you. There are many advantages of hiring a car especially with the driver and with this, you will not find a lot of hardships mostly if you are in a foreign country.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a car for airport transfer in Uganda or any other travel destination for that matter.

It is very flexible and gives you chance to travel in various places that you want within the country, you can go ahead and pick your own route and relax a little bit before you can proceed to the hotel for a rest. Hiring a car for transfer is even better if you are with a driver who is well equipped and familiar with the places within the country.

Another advantage of hiring a car for airport transfer in Uganda is that when you request for booking, it will be worked on as soon as possible. By the time you arrive at the airport everything that you need for your trip will be ready, what you need to do is to give in your flight details and you will be helped in booking a car which you will find ready at the airport.

Hiring costs are normally inexpensive and there is less extra cost like fuel where sometimes you may not need to pay for it, this makes it even better and save the money for other things while in the country. There are many taxis at the airport that will give you crazy rates for transfers unlike hiring a car on line with cheap expenses. There are really cheap car hire airport transfers in Uganda that can get you going

Most cars hired for airport transfer have GPS and this gives you opportunity to travel to places that you wish to, this applies to those who want to have self-drive trips away from the airport. You will get to enjoy your trip from the airport to the capital city Kampala then to other places that you may wish to go to.

To hire a car for airport transfer in Uganda, simply send us an email at or call us on +256-700135510 to talk to our reservations team.  

Top 5 Wedding Cars For Hire In Uganda You Can Book Online

Do you want to hire a wedding car in Uganda for a convoy or family, if you are looking forward to doing this then chose the right car to suit your occasions? There are many wedding cars that are featured with the best a wedding couple could have to make the wedding colorful. Cars like the limousine, range rover, Mercedes Benz, land cruiser & classic vintage cars can make your wedding like no any other in the world. We will shortlist some of the best wedding cars for hire.

1- Limousine; this is famously known as the limo and it is one of the best wedding cars for hire, it is luxuriously popular and used for other several occasions. It has a stylish long body that is fit for accommodating many luxurious things like the mp3 player, CD/DVD/TV/FM radio and comfortable seats. Enjoy every bit of the road trip to the church with the limo and your money will be equated to the services that have been offered by the limo.

2- Range Rover; another  popular mid-sized suv by the Jaguar land rover all the way from the United Kingdom, this wedding car has a unique body style that will make you waste no time in renting or hiring this car. It has comfortable seats, DVD, mp3 and the FM radio with other luxurious things, hiring a range rover will put the congregation at stake.

3- Mercedes Benz; Manufactured by  German automobile car maker Mercedes Benz, the Mercedes Benz has got classes, the E, C, S and many other types of the Benz. The car is known for being the highly hired car for weddings because of its unique features, the headlights, shiny exterior and classy interior has made it outstanding amongst all other wedding rental cars. Hiring a Mercedes Benz for a wedding is the best thing that you can think about to make magical moments of that day.

4- Land cruiser V8; This stylish station wagon  is made by the leading Japanese automobile company Toyota, it has eye catching externals and comfortable interior, mp3, DVD, FM radio and other luxurious equipment that you can think of when you hear about the V8 land cruiser. Take this car for your wedding and you will spice up the event.

5- Vintage cars; These are old automobile cars manufactured between 1919-1980 also known as the classic cars, for those who want to a unique eye catching look at the wedding then this car has got you covered with the memories that you will never forget. Many people are not used to hiring such a car but if you personally try it for your wedding, be assured that most people will be left at a gaze.

Would you love to hire a wedding car in Uganda this season, simply send us an email to or call us now on +256-779223461/ +256-701190284 To speak with the reservations team.

What Makes Us The Best Wedding Car Hire Provider In Uganda

A wedding is very special occasion, a once in a lifetime event, one to cherish forever and that’s why everything has to be on point. There are always many items on the wedding plan list including décor, venue, catering and so much more but an entourage is one important aspect. The way you arrive to a party is very important and there is no better way to wow the crowd than with a classy luxury car.

We at Uganda Car Rental Booking offer wide range of wedding cars for hire in Uganda including limousines, Mercedes Benz, sport or vintage cars to mention but a few; we present to you some reasons why you should choose us to provide you bridal cars for this season.

Trusted & Reliable – Everyone wants to book with a company that has been in the game and Uganda Car Rental Booking has vast experience in this industry. Our past customer reviews on Google, Trip Advisor, Yellow pages speak for themselves, all our clients are always satisfied because we deliver making every penny you pay worth it

Good Chauffeurs – All our chauffeurs are professional and well trained with valid driver licenses, always smart with adequate knowledge about routes to use and how to maneuver through traffic jam making sure you get to the church and reception on time. Just sit back relax and let our chauffeurs give you safe and comfortable ride on your special day.

Affordable – We understand how important a budget is and that’s why we ensure we get you a car that can fit in helping you save money. We will offer you a wedding car long with a chauffeur and fuel based on what you have on table. Some companies like to overprice since it’s a luxury car and you are a local but we don’t do such, we are very passionate and considerate when it comes to special occasions.

Variety – Uganda Car Rental Booking offers a wide selection of bridal cars for hire giving you options to get a car of any brand, whether you want to hire a limousine, any Mercedes brand, flashy sport car or classic vintage car, we have all those and more available.

Car Condition – Our wedding car fleet has cars that are always serviced after every event and to add on that; they feature functioning air conditioners and comfortable clean seats. Basically once you book a car with us , be guaranteed of quality top-notch services.

There are many other reasons why you should choose us for your Uganda wedding car hire needs but the above 4 can give you a glimpse of what expect. You can get in touch with us by sending an email to or call us on +256-779223461 to speak with the reservations team.