May 27, 2024

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Why Rent A Super Custom Van For Next Trip In Uganda

Going for small group tours, safaris in parks, then this light commercial minivan will get you going with its well-equipped gadgets that keep you up while on a trip. Many cars can be used for field trips but the super custom is a unique car that is well featured for both the jungle and city. Are a small group or family looking for the ideal van for the road trip, Uganda car rental booking presents some reasons why you should rent a Super custom van in Uganda this season.

1- This 8 seater van has spacious cargo where you can pack your entire luggage for the trip without leaving out any, travel with no worry throughout your journey without disturbances of congestion because of luggage. The cargo space works out all this because of being spacey giving room to the passengers.

2- Adjustable seats that get the safari going for longer hours without disturbances travel like a king within something you paid for and you won’t regret paying your money. Adjustable seats give you a fine drive up your destination.

 3- An Ac, MP3 player and CD player can’t miss out within the custom, have great fun while you travel and make this day a magical unforgettable moment.

4 A top slide roof or sunroof is another wonder on the super custom; this works best for tourists going on a game drive, safari and other tours. Experience the fun while on the game drive with the slide roof, this slide roof can also be opened to late in fresh air doing the journey and it is all worth your money.

 All this equipment that is installed by the famous Japanese carmaker makes a car good to rent for a safari and any other activities that you may want to use it for.

To rent a Super Custom in Uganda for safaris, group trips and field trips, simply send us an email at or call us on 0779223461 to talk to our reservations team.