April 23, 2024

Uganda Car Rental Booking

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Top Uganda Car Rental Tips For Safe Road Trip

Public transportation in Uganda can be stressful to those who are not familiar with the country and the towns. For quick maneuvering through the city, places and towns opting of renting a car may be the best option. Most National parks that include Kidepo, Murchison falls accommodate/ allow private vehicles and self-drive safari routes however access to these parks and some other parts of the country my require renting cars. These places include enjoying views at Lake Victoria shores, visiting the museums and shrines that are located in and out of the city center, experiencing the Karamoja region located in the north and eastern part of Uganda, attending conferences and gatherings among others.

Due to the nature of roads, changes in the rain patterns and topography of Uganda, it is vital to choose a four-wheel drive and many national parks accept only four-wheel drives. It is always important to ask the car service provider about the specifications and the essentials which include; extra spare tires, water, safety boxes.

Uganda laws are not strict about where children should sit in cars, it is advisable that children under the age of 12 years sit in the rear of the vehicle and should always avoid front sits due to driving conditions and unavoidable circumstances that might arise during travel. Always inquire whether the agent can provide additional chairs especially for toddlers to ensure their safety and comfort (this might come at and extra charge per day).

Uganda car rental booking allows cross boarder trips to safe neighboring countries like Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania however restrictions might arise on those that are deemed unsafe which might include Sudan, Somalia among others. It is important to contact the rental agency in advance when considering a cross boarder trip as extra insurance will have to be arranged.

FAQs about renting a car in Uganda

  • How can I find car rentals near me?
  • How much does it cost to rent a car for a day in Uganda?
  • What is driving like in Uganda? Road conditions, speeding,  people crossing the highway at unmarked points, potholes, loose road surfaces, mechanical breakdowns (which might require a long wait at the side of the road), driving on left, recommended to use defensive mechanism driving approach, lock all doors, use child locks incase minors are on board, travel before dark.
  • How old do you have to be to rent a car in Uganda?
  • How are gas prices in Uganda?
  • What are the speed limits in Uganda?

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