April 23, 2024

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7 Things Travelers Should Know Before They Arrive In Uganda

Uganda is not only meant for safari, let’s clarify that Uganda destinations have countless tremendous things to uncover on your journey. sunrise over a wide-open country, morning rainforest trees and breathtaking mountains.

Uganda is safe for travelers

Uganda is one of the safest countries in Africa to travel.The country is really working hard to improve in the tourism sector and the Uganda police force has put in a lot of effort to reduce crime rates.Tourists have good security and tourism areas have more security.

Visa cost is 50 usd

Tourists from different countries must have a visa to enter the country.You can apply for an E-visa and Uganda has two types of visa,there is a single entry visa valid for 3months at a cost of 50 usd,a multi entry visa valid for 12-36months and it ranges from 100-200 usd. v

Yellow fever vaccination certificate

The country has mosquito prone areas and this makes the government of Uganda so strict about the yellow fever vaccination.yellow fever vaccination is mandatory before you travel and acquiring a visa you need to produce your yellow fever vaccination card.

Best time to travel is dry season

The country is a bit warm the fact that Uganda is on the equator with an average altitude of 1,000m.The dry season is preferably the best time to visit Uganda and that is around June to September because in the rainy season some roads are slippery.

shillings is Uganda’s local currency

Uganda shillings is the currency used in the country,the currency symbol is UGX. The Uganda shillings notes have different colors,how ever the shillings are also valued in coins so the country uses both coins and paper notes.

Rolex is the popular food in Uganda

Uganda the pearl of Africa has a very good climate for agriculture,local people grow different crops depending on the season but however the country also has a common food that is found in most of the parts of Uganda and that is the Rolex.This is a combination of egg omelette and vegetables wrapped in a chapati,the name Rolex comes from the preparation of how the eggs and vegetables are rolled in the chapati.Do not miss out the opportunity of testing Uganda’s best food.

Mountain Elgon has the largest volcanic base in the world

The mountain is located in the eastern part of Uganda-Mbale to Kapchworwa.The mountain is one of the oldest volcanic mountains in Africa surrounded by forests inhabited by mammals and birds.It has numerous caves, water falls that enchant you as you enjoy climbing up to Wagagai peak.

Are you planning to safari Uganda this season and wondering what to expect, the above 7 points should give you a hint. To rent car for self drive or book a guided Uganda safari package, simply get in touch with us by sending an email to info@ugandacarrentalbookking.com or call us now on +256-700135510 to speak with our reservations team.